Feb 29, 2016
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Posted by: Jayne

What comes first, success of happiness? It’s a question that has been going around in my mind for some weeks now. Over the years I have witnessed a growing number of people in our industry achieve some truly remarkable goals, all the while watching how they react to their success. It’s something that has fascinated me, and lead me to question, do we need to be successful to be happy?

The very nature of our industry is that it is goal-orientated, which means we are all aspiring to achieve more in life. But i believe we need to first learn to be happy with what we already have. There’s no denying that success can bring happiness, that achieving goals can fill us with a great sense of pride and satisfaction, even elation for life’s bigger goals. But in our goal-driven world it is easy to switch our focus too quickly to the next goal without first taking time to enjoy our current success.

Looking in from the outside people often think that because someone has a fancy car and a big house, that they go on a lot of holidays and eat at Michelin-starred restaurants they they must be happy. But that’s not always the case, because people are always comparing themselves to other people and as such forget to focus on themselves. We are lead to believe, partly because of advertising and marketing, that happiness comes with the acquisition for certain material possessions. Yet I see people on my travels around the world with so much less than us, yet they have a seemingly greater sense of happiness.

For me it comes down to a point of comparison, all around us we see people with more than us and therefor start telling ourselves, 'if only I had what they had I would be happy'. But the problem with that attitude is that there is always someone with more than you, and so begins this never-ending cycle of always wanting more, of believing once we have it we will be happy. Yet those with a simple life in other parts of the world, where they don’t know any different, are happy with what they have. Not to say they might not think it is a hard life, but you see smiles and appreciation for all that they have.

It goes further than that though, there has been in-depth research done on the subject. I highly recommend you all downloading and listening to ‘The Happiness Advantage’ by Shaun Achor - whilst this isn’t a pure network marketing book (and lets be honest we can all benefit from reading a wide variety of books) the lessons and principles contained within are valid in all areas of life. Having undertaken the largest ever study of happiness and human potential, Achor concludes that happiness fuels success and performance in the both the workplace and life. His research shows that when we are happy we are more engaged, creative, productive and resilient to stress.

In our industry if we are being more creative, if we have a greater level of engagement with what we are doing, if our productivity levels are increased and if we are able to be more resilient to the stresses that will inevitable come our way then I know for a fact that we will be more successful. Which leads me to believe that we can all benefit from working on our happiness, reconnecting with what matters the most to us.

We all aspire to achieve more in life, and I am no different, but in our quest to improve our own lives, as well as those of others, we must stop and take stock along the way. We must look around and give thanks for what we already have, we must be happy with life as it is. For otherwise we will live our lives in a constant state of unhappiness, in a never-ending cycle of ‘I will be happy when’, instead of being grateful for what we already have.


Comment Title: Happy within | Created: 03/03/16

Posted By: Kelly Achieves

Comments: Loved this blog it's so true this touched down me with one night I was out with my friends and I seen a homeless man sat with his dog I sat next to him n just listened to his life and how he was a professor he had a massive house but he wasn't happy and on that damp street in edinburgh he found himself on he was happy just even for the chat anyway Thankyou I wrote a blog as well after I started forever last year I never knew my why until I wrote it Id love if you read it Thankyou your such an uplifting and amazing human being

Comment Title: Thank you | Created: 03/01/16

Posted By: Carol Collins

Comments: I totally agree with you Jayne and always appreciate hearing your perspective of life. I personally feel that if you can find an attitude of gratitude in where you are with what you have you will always be a stronger person when facing challenges. Waking up each day for some of us is simply a reminder of this. When you've come close to losing your life a few times, just waking up each day is a 'wonderful thing' and I for one am grateful for what each day will bring. Whether pleasure or pain, I have the choice of my attitude over it and if I were not here I wouldn't, therefore its a win win position. I'm truly thankful for the most amazing leaders and friends I've found in Professional Network Marketing as it is these people, like yourself who continue to pull out of me the best me I can be. It's a God given blessing in my life and a real JOY to see others feel the same. You are an amazing ambassador and mentor Jayne for those of us who have big dreams beyond the initial goal of attaining the basics of life. For me it's in the giving back where the true desires of my heart lay. Others have supported me when I couldn't and I love that I now have a vehicle to make a difference to others lives too. I'm not there yet but I'm so thankful for where I am and for what I have.

Comment Title: So true! | Created: 03/01/16

Posted By: Elaine Hibell

Comments: Jayne I've loved reading this insightful and something everyone should read. THANK YOU XXX

Comment Title: Thank you, the book is winging its way to me. | Created: 02/29/16

Posted By: Leonore Laidler

Comments: I listened to your speech earlier on the 4cc habit. Whilst I totally understand the importance of the 4cc habit. Its proving a real challenge when pitted against everyday real life that includes a full time job and commitments that see your day begin at 5am. Which part of the business would you concentrate on first? Thank you

Comment Title: So true! | Created: 02/29/16

Posted By: Karen Adcock

Comments: Love this blog Jayne! Your words are so true! During my first two years in network marketing, I have realised that the more I achieve, the more I crave after, yet I know I need to feel gratitude for how far I have come. I have many friends doing well but they occasionly loose their way, and need time out to re-think where they're heading. I have never been happier than when I started writing down five gratitudes at the end of each day, taking time to reflect on everything I have and to get everything into perspective. Facebook is a real problem when we compare ourselves to others and we have to be careful how much time we give to social media, using it in the right way for limited and set hours. Something I am still struggling to do. One of my favourite quotes - "Happiness is a journey, not a destination". Thankyou for sharing x

Comment Title: The key to success lies in first being happy ! | Created: 02/29/16

Posted By: Jackie Hunter

Comments: Enjoyed your blog and this statement is so true. I have been very unhappy for a couple of years, suffered with depression since my divorce. Joined forever in May last year and never really got going with it, nobody's fault but my own! Have been too half hearted and not consistent enough and just feel if I improve my mindset that my achievements would be so much greater. I sat at one of the success days and you talked about how you started and how you found out your husband was cheating and you so inspired me. I thankyou for that, as that is what happened to me, he had been cheating for 5 months and I never knew, thought we were happy! It's the betrayal I can't get over I think! I will get my head round this business and once that happens I will be like Julia Roberts out of pretty woman and go up to him and say "Big Mistake" ha ha

Comment Title: Thank You! | Created: 02/29/16

Posted By: Corinne

Comments: Such a wonderful text Jayne! It´s really important to look inside ourselves once in a while and be grateful of what we have done, who we are as persons and what we have! Thank You for being such an inspirational person and for sharing your wonderful thoughts with the world! You make it a better place to live in

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