Feb 3, 2016
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Posted by: Jayne
A month ago nearly everybody would have been busy setting new goals and making resolutions full of promise to themselves, that they would make lasting changes to their lives, and that they would start working towards new goals. Yet, as we sit here at the start of another month, I can’t help but wonder how many people have already reverted back to their old selves, and have given in on the resolutions that they made with the best intentions in the world? 
It’s not a new phenomenon, and it certainly isn’t confined to the world of network marketing: all you need do for evidence of that, is look at how new gym memberships and attendance levels rocket at the start of January, only to slowly fall over the ensuing weeks. But, given the goal orientated nature of our industry, the sudden lack of commitment to what was so important only a matter of a few weeks ago, is even more obvious.  
In the twenty-three years that I have been in this industry, there hasn’t been a single year where it hasn't happened, and this year is no exception. People start the year with such good intentions, yet as the emotion attached to the making of that  those resolutions begin to fade, so do their good intentions and commitment.
You see, true commitment is all about doing what you said you would do, long after the emotion that you said it in has passed. It’s not about doing it for a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months. Instead, it is about doing what you said you would do every single day, until you achieve what you set out to achieve. It may take longer than a year, yet if you’re truly committed to a resolution, to a goal, you won’t stop doing whatever it takes, until you have achieved it. 
How many of you are thinking ‘where did January go?’  You see, when we set goals and make resolutions, they need to be backed up with a plan, and if you didn’t make a plan for January, I’m sorry to say that it has slipped by and gone for another year. And herein lies another problem that people fall foul of, the ‘oh well, there’s always next year’ mentality. Whilst there always will be next year, it, why wait another year, to live the life of your dreams?
Do you realise just how much you can achieve in a year, when you have a clear focus and structure, a clear vision of where you want to be, and how you’re going to get there? I think the majority of you will be surprised. You don’t always need to know exactly how you will get there, but you can’t start a journey, without first knowing the destination. And life is just that, a journey, and we must know where it is that we are going, or we drift aimlessly through life. And as the great Jim Rohn said, 'drifting is great, but you will never drift your way to the top.' 
For some, drifting through life is all that they want to do, and do you know what, that’s ok. But for those of us who are making resolutions, setting goals, and aspiring to a better future, we are not drifters. So don’t let yourself fall into a 'drifter mentality', instead do whatever it takes, every single day, to ensure that you make it to the top.
You might not have stuck to your resolutions, but let me tell you this, it’s never too late to make a change. But ultimately, it comes down to one thing, do you really want to make a change?  If so, I urge you to get your focus back and start doing the daily activity that is required to make your dreams a reality.  


Comment Title: Live your plan not your dreams | Created: 02/04/16

Posted By: Hanna Barraclough

Comments: I'd been stuggling up to New Years. I knew everything i had to do...i want this so badly, my mindset is all correct, I've got the dream, I've got the vision! My WHY is massive...but I still wasn't getting any where I was doing something wrong. I vowed January would be a new start and I sat down with my mentor and planned it all out. January the first I do something every day...sometime just a little bit crammed into a gap. Sometimes I dedicate an evening to things but the point it's it's every day...With out fail. It's little pieces and sometimes it's one bit then another day it's another bit so my days are varied but it's every day. And you have to sweep up and pick up pieces u missed the day before.. and slowly it's all come togeather and I look all everything I did in January and all those little pieces came togeather and with out struggle I achive my January target. February's here and I've taken my success and to build February's and I've hit the floor running. And will do the same month on month building from one to the next let the excitement carry me, by doing bit by bit day by day month by month year by year. By living my plan I'm now moving towards to dream...I've a way to go yet but these tracks lead to dream destination. Its Just that not every one wants to lay the track and fule thier engine to to thier dreams...They want there dreams to come to them...I've now realise you have to live the plan eat the plan water the plan to action it and give it life...the whole plan to get to live the life of your dreams then keep on living more plans to keep you there. Thanks for all your insperation...

Comment Title: Something clicked | Created: 02/04/16

Posted By: Mel

Comments: Another great piece Jayne, thank you! I entered January with high hopes and expectations. When my expectations didn't materialise I had an honest chat with myself. I knew there were areas of my business I needed to work on. I had one of the moments when something clicked and I knew if I didn't step up, my goals simply wouldn't happen. So literally overnight I made the decision to do what ever it takes. I started the 21 day mindset training with Dave O'Connor, getting up an hour earlier, tracking how many people I speak to each day and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I am so much more focused and have to say I have never felt more excited, had more self belief or confidence about what is to come this year! xx

Comment Title: Jayne am a new distributer but you advices are realy impressed january has been a litle bit hard but am still prospecting and i will try harder to sow more seed | Created: 02/04/16

Posted By: perez ohanwadi

Comments: Thanks

Comment Title: I'm determined | Created: 02/03/16

Posted By: Kristy Hackney

Comments: Thank you Jayne you inspire me everyday I listen & follow how you teach us! I was so focused before Christmas an my new year was going well until I had an accident 2weeks ago an put my back out but nothing stops me still ordering an contacting prospects you keep me focused an motivated to work my business for my girls to have the best life they deserve thank you for all you support us Kristy xx

Comment Title: Resolutions started to waiver | Created: 02/03/16

Posted By: Tracy Harris

Comments: Thank you Jane for this reminder, January had been a slow month but I kept plugging away feeling a little deflated at times. The seeds I have sown in January have started to show their heads. This has helped me with the determination to keep going and sow more seeds to harvest later in the year to reach my dreams. Never give up, the seeds just may take a little longer to germinate than you'd like!

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