Oct 19, 2015
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Posted by: Jayne

Very often I get asked this question; 'what was your biggest fear when you started your Forever journey?'

That is an easy question to answer, because like most people who become a part of the Forever family, I had one major fear; rejection. I hated it when people I spoke to about the business said 'No'.

It would upset me, it would make me question my decision to start my own business and it made me fearful of talking to more people as I was worried they would also reject me. I worried I was saying the wrong thing, and that in turn would lead to more rejection. It was like a vicious circle and I knew I had to overcome it to become successful at the business.

Then one day I had a mind shift, my so called dear friend had not only rejected me but she had told many of our mutual friends to stay away from me. Can you imagine how much this hurt? I came within minutes of leaving the business, but a small voice in the back of my head said 'do NOT quit'. 

It made me stop and think. If I quit because of other peoples opinions, they win and I lose, my hopes and dreams will never materialise, all that I wanted to achieve would never happen. It was that moment that I realised that rejection is part of the process. But it's how we react to it that matters.  

Some people will see what you see and some people won't, and thats OK because if you share it with enough people, you will find the ones like you, motivated and committed to changing their lives

So don't worry about rejection, embrace it and move on. It might seem easier said than done, but trust me the more you practice this business the easier it becomes. It's a skill, and as with all skills it's about putting the hours of practice in to master it. 


Comment Title: Rejection as fear | Created: 12/09/15

Posted By: Puseletso

Comments: This is what I am dealing with right now, I do one-on-ones but it seems like I am doing enough because people are not signing that form. People leave you with "I will get back to you" and I do make contact to hear a bit later and they will complain about money, if its not money it's the time that they do not have. Quitting has never been and is not a solution, I will match on until someone says yes out of the 10 I speak to about the business. One day I will look back and say it was hard, but I never gave up, look at me now. I will be sipping some strawberry daiquiri on the balcony of one of my beach houses in Hawaii. I know I can do it, I just need to get over 'NO'. :)

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